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Turn to BMB Plumbing Career Consultants for plumbing career assistance throughout Washington, DC, Maryland, & Virginia.

You don't have to pursue a career in plumbing on your own. BMB Plumbing Career Consultants helps teach people of all backgrounds the skills they need for plumbing and gas fitting careers. Our staff is full of masters of a variety of trades, including plumbing and gas fitting, and our course prep will help you learn and prepare for the next step in your career.

We offer tailored plumbing career assistance programs for people at any point in their plumbing career. Whether you're just starting out and looking to join plumbing apprenticeships or you're fully licensed and trying to create your own company, you'll find a course that suits your needs. Our curriculum covers DC license prep, State of Virginia license prep, State of Maryland license prep and WSSC license prep. Call us at 301-278-8778 to find out more about our plumbing career assistance programs Fredericksburg, Manassas, VA & surrounding areas

Make obtaining your plumbing license easier

Like any test, studying and preparation can make all the difference when it comes to a plumbing license exam. Whether you're trying to obtain a journeyman or master's plumbing license, team up with BMB Plumbing Career Consultants. We will...

  • Send you pre-highlighted books to help you focus your studying
  • Provide practice tests so you know what to expect
  • Walk you through the application process to make testing as easy as possible

You'll have the information you need to move forward with all kinds of plumbing and gas fitting careers. Get started by calling us today.

Improve your plumbing company

There's no reason to settle for "good enough" when it comes to your plumbing company. Whether you want to update your license or just want to learn about growing your business, we can help. Our master plumbers have a wealth of knowledge and experience and will work with you to help you stay successful for years to come.

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